Dezl 560 setup


I've been running thus unit for a year or so in a truck, but set to the automobile profile. I took it home because I was getting the memory full message and I updated the maps and system with GE. I also did a hard reset. Now (you knew it was something) I'm missing navigation information that used to be on the right side of the map. There were three tiles positioned vertically that could be adjusted to show time, miles to dest., etc. Did I lose this feature as part of the update? I can't find any way to turn it back on.

Page 61 of the manual

and select Automobile, Truck, or RV
• Map Data Layout —changes the amount of data visible on the map.

Thanks, I was just one level

Thanks, I was just one level of settings away from the answer.


If you are on a road that your gps does not have a speed limit for, is there a "+" where the speed limit was in the lower right corner?

Also can you touch the speed limit sign when there is one and change the limit?