Just upgraded my 720 to the new tablet rand McNally offers. with a Wi-Fi hotspot in your truck this tablet can do everything your GPS and android phone can do.
Absolutely amazing it is. so first problem I had with the tablet is when I sat in a truck stop or a shipper/consignee. I would program the GPS while waiting. when I left the GPS map would be frozen in place. restarting the route wouldn't help. I had to turn off the GPS and turn it back on and continue route all while driving to get is to work. unsafe my fix for this was downloading GPS status app from play store and pro key. You have to pay for pro key. it gets rid of adds. Then going into settings of GPS status to background behavior and clicking on USE GPS WHEN SCREEN IS OFF. Then going to setting on the tablet clicking on location and making sure the mode was on high accuracy. Then going to display tab and making sure sleep mode was to never. this seemed to cure issue.
second issue any time you shut off close GPS NAV app or reset GPS voice name changes back to Samantha. you have to go back and change it back. Allison is way better. McNally just did a software upgrade and I upgraded unit now voices are greyed out and I cant change it at all its stuck on Samantha. speaker in GPS sucks. use a external speaker. I bought one from a ta truck stop that charges off a micro USB and uses Bluetooth. Bluetooth clipped beginning of words out so I stopped using it and started using the headphone plug instead. lots of processor noise coming thru speaker. unplugging GPS power or speaker power cord took noise away. My solution was to wrap the speaker cord a ton of times around a big ferrite core. When I shut the ferrite core a tone of noise disappeared. Also swapping power cord on GPS for a tough tested 30 min rapid charge micro USB charger phone charger from pilot store made the rest of the noise go away. I can barley hear the noise now. Table has a built in dash cam. I don't like it. I position the tablet to where it is safe to use and see in reach from drivers seat. this puts the unit on a angle towards me making camera look off to side. too bad they didn't put the camera in a ball socket so you could adjust it to look straight. my solution not to use cam app.

Question. can I use a speech synthesis on this unit to better gps voice.

I am done with Rand Mcnally

I have owned 3 of their truck GPS and currently use the 7" tablet. They are always hardware underpowered, obsolete maps and support is useless. Buy something else, anything else and save yourself some money some money, frustration and fines. This company is toast putting out crap like this.