Chit Chat Thread For The Week Of March 02, 2015


This is the place to talk about things that are not GPS related.

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.


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Not sure, but getting warm.

i love my windmill

i love my windmill smile

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I Will have to try crisco to see if they slide like the fireman.


Just read the dial, at 10:14am its 37degrees, 1f short 99f
I sympathise with the worst winter for ever, but hpoe like hell its all melted b4 I come home

If only ..

Warm Today

Pretty warm today...+9C.


The sun was out, no snow and no rain. Happy, happy, it could be cold, that is ok.

No matter where you are "Life is Worth Living".

This s a random rambling, to

This s a random rambling, to keep my winnie, and get things out of my head
last trip was 2600km Threeways to Kilcoy

started by checking the freezers, 3 walk-ins 20x10ft
made a shopping list
50km up the highway to next door's mailbox, collect their shopping list
50km back home
fill up from the station tank 70l from 30,000l tank
646km to the first turn
150m to the store
drop off 2 shopping lists, free local delivery over $20K so the food will be delivered on Tuesday, rang nabin to tell him not to take tuesday off, he's the only other one can drive a forklift to unload the food truck
The driver hates deliveing next door, its 55km of dirt roads from the mailbox on the highway to the house, WE are at least on the highway with three acres of parking lot

150m back to highway
fuel up at caltex 52l
586km to the next point, cross the roundabaout
430km to the next point. turn left
fuel up, 130l
330km, to town, then 1km,2km, regular directions
feed the stock
eat relax sleep feed the stock:repeat

can't get over being in the big city, Kilcoy has 130 people
Glad the copper was pleasant, reminding me that there is a speed limit in Queensland (100) and 155 is too fast, instead of giving a ticket
The territory doesnt have speed limits

I wanted to put a picture of home, but I don't know how sad

If only ..

Oh Boy! Another Monday...

Oh boy! Another Monday on the way. crying

sewisdom - Drive carefully. The life you save... may be someone who owes you money!

Good night

...another week begins!

Tomorrow is the day for

Tomorrow is the day for Apple's Special event to announce the Apple watch. I'm looking to see if the turn by turn gps on a watch while walking around would be better than using an iphone. Seems like having it on the wrist is more convenient. What's your thoughts?

Another work week ahead

Happy work week

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snow is melting

Finally some warmer weather


Chat chat chat CHAT!

Never argue with a pig. It makes you look foolish and it anoys the hell out of the pig!

chit for chat

chit for chat

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Welcome to Warmer Weather

Have a great week grin

Have a good week

Have a good week

John B - Garmin 765T


no more snow in the forecast !!!!

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It was dark this morning. I overslept. Thanks DST.

Hope everyone has a great & safe week! grin

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Chit Chat Thread For The Week Of March 09, 2015

Have a great day everyone.

Have a great week, everyone!

Have a great week, everyone!

Nice out today

Gonna have nice weather for the next few days.. smile

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Good morning.

Good morning.

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