Garmin 60CX with map updater (Mac) not giving me latest maps


My Garmin 60CX USED to work with Garmin Express, and this is what the Garmin website says to use. However, even though Express recognizes the 60CX, it has me download Garmin Map Updater instead. And today, Jan 17, 2015, it downloads North America 2014.3 as the latest map, even though I have 2015.1 installed. I have purchased in 2009 the Lifetime Map updates for both North America and Europe (I live in Pisa, Italy). The same issue occurs with the European maps, but at least in Europe I get the 2015.2, but not the newer 2015.3. Anyone else with this issue?

For the Europe map.

Your 60CX probably uses City Navigator NT Europe (not NTU for unicode version). Garmin has started issuing the Europe NT update only twice per year, while they continue to issue the NTU update 4 times a year. So City Navigator NT Europe 2015.2 is the newest version. 2015.4 should be out in the next few weeks.

Not sure why you are not getting the City Navigator NT North America update, as those are still issued 4 times a year. It would be best to call Garmin product support to get this resolved.

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Do Not Use Garmin Express Anymore

Garmin Express no longer works with the older technology GPS units such as the 60 series.

You need to use myGarmin from the Garmin website, or one of the other Garmin applications.

I recommend a call to Garmin Tech Support for help here. They can help you get the older map installation program to use instead of Garmin Express.

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