Follow the money


For those that aren't familiar with the political situation regarding the District of Columbia, it is a federal district and up until about 30 years ago all laws for the District were made by Congress. Home Rule allowed the District to have a city council and gave the mayor many of the same rights and authorities as a state governor. The District residents do not have official representation in congress as the city is still a federal distinct and not a state. Therefore, it has no senators or representatives that are full members of congress.

Elanor Norton is a "Shadow" representative allowed to vote on items brought up for a floor vote but not for items voted on by roll call. This privilege was granted by the Democratic majority in the House about 8 years ago.

Norton blasts lawmakers trying to regulate D.C. traffic cameras

The DC government collects about $110 million per year from traffic cameras located throughout the district and those funds make up about 10% of the city's budget.

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