Anyone With A 885T


Back in May 2010 I performed the 2011.10 map upgrade. At that time the voice commands still worked for navigating the basic menus ( e.g. "Show Map", "Where To" , etc), but once I got to the screen for entering the City, voice command where no longer accepted. I made some posts in this thread

This problem cleared up when I installed a later release of the same map.

I have installed every map release since then without any problems. Well, when I installed the 2015.2 map, I had the identical problem. I decided to just wait for the next map and see if the problem corrected itself.

I just installed 2015.3 and discovered that none of my voice commands work at all. In fact I don't even get the green "balloon" when I press the push-to-talk button. The remote is still paired to my 885T, and the "cancel" button still brings me back one level of menu with each push.

Has anyone else with a 885T noticed the same problem?.


A Little Embarassed

OK, I have been working on this problem for a few days now.

I had loaded an old backup, and voice prompts worked normally. I then removed the SD card, and tried to load the 2015.3 maps. It warned me that the entire NA maps would not fit, so I selected Canada only. It then warned me that Voice Recognition (VR) would only work when the full NA maps were installed and would not work on a partial map set.

So I reformatted my SD card , and copied the GarminDevice.xml to it, and then did the map upgrade. I was able to see the new map, but still the VR was not working. It was at this point I posted the first message in this thread.

A little while later I remembered I had not copied the ASR folder from the SD card back to the 885T. After completing this step, VR started working normally.

I had completed this step on my first attempt to upgrade, so there must have been an additional problem which I managed to resolve when I restored from backup. That problem must have been introduced during my 2015.2 upgrade (which had some VR problems), and only became worse with the 2015.3 upgrade.

Rather than deleting my original post I decided to leave it in case it could be useful to anyone else experiencing this problem

Good reminder

A good reminder. Yes, the nuvi 8x5 series is one of the more nit-picky in regards to succeeding in following the clone technique to install a large map on a SD card. I'm glad things worked out.

Since you have a large SD card, have you replaced the tiny default jcv file with the manually downloaded and copied "large jcv file?" A real benefit will be obvious and is recommended (by me, at least) for 8x5 owners who like to see Junction Views. I have a 855 so I know all your pain.

Yes I also installed the

Yes I also installed the larger JCV file.

I know that the 885 is an older model now, and I also own a newer voice recognition model,as well as some other models, but the 885T is my favorite of all time.

This is mainly because of it's routing ability. I can enter a start and destination point in Basecamp, and then drag the route onto my preferred roads before uploading to the 885. The 885 then directs me onto the chosen roads while giving me the ETA to the final destination. The other models just give an ETA to the next way-point. Since the newer models just give directions to the next way-point, I never know what direction my next turn is until I reach the way-point. That is why I try and create way-points some distance from an intersection so that I will be given turning directions well ahead of the intersection.

I have upgraded to every new map since purchasing the 885, and only had problems with the 2011.10 (early release) and then again on the 2015.2 release.

The 2011.10 seemed to be caused by a problem in the release, since it was taken off the web site for a while before being put back on. In the case of the 2015.2 and 2015.3 versions, it appears something got corrupted in the internal memory.

Moral of the story is that restoring from the backup saved the day.