Driver info in Florida, Important Law Changes for 2014


Important Law Changes for 2014

•e breath levels for the Ignition Interlock Device was lowered rom 0.05 to 0.025. s.322.2715 F.S.

•Commercial Driver License Holders are disqualified or use o handheld communication devices while driving. s. 322.212(7) F.S.

•Allows drivers to present proof of insurance in an electronic format. s 316.646 F.S.

•Requires drivers to stay in right lane unless passing. s. 318.081 F.S.

•Revises due process procedures or red light camera violation. This change allows placement o a stop on any vehicle owned or co-owned by the offender.

• Establishes when a private entity may swipe a driver license or identification card and how the data may be used. Also establishes civil recourse. s. 322143 F.S.

•Customers may provide contributions to ACG Saety Foun-dation (Auto Club Group) through the driver license or tax collector office - A new voluntary contribu-tion. s. 322.08 F.S.

•S. 316.305 F.S establishes operating a motor vehicle in motion while manually typing into a wire-less communications device as a secondary offense.