Has anyone heard about this Heads Up Display? Do not know what they use for maps. Basic info on the HUD. Can connect to a smart phone. Use hand gestures. Etc.

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Looked at their website

Looks interesting but also a little bulky on the dashboard.

In the FAQ section of their website they say they use Google Maps, however they are also still developing more apps.

"What apps does Navdy support?
Navdy supports Google Maps turn by turn directions, any notification appearing on your phone (such as Text Messages, Calendar alerts, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc), Call control, Google Now, Siri, and most music player apps including Spotify, Pandora, iTunes and Google as well as information from your car such as RPM, Miles to Empty, Fuel Economy, Tire Pressure Warning, etc. Our in-house developers will create more apps before the units ship. Everyone who pre-ordered Navdy will have a say in the kinds of apps we build."

It is still in development but you can pre-order now.

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may the

Farce go with you!

Honestly, I want an app that tells me what I'm in the mood to eat... I'm so tired of dreaming it up every single day smile

And since I'm putting in my request / requirements, I'm sick and tired of having tO inform the GPS where I want / need to go so I want it to automagically know before I tell it! It should be a simple matter of programming that any half wit should be capable of accomplishing surprised

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