Mapsource maps won't unlock on Nuvi


I would just like to say in my first post that this is a great site. I have had a lot of questions answered by all the knowledgable contributors.

But I do have one queston that I can't seem to find an answer to. I own a Nuvi 360 with all the latest updates and I was looking for the European Map set to install on a SD card. As luck would have it, I located a disk at a "moving and I need to sell everything I own" sale last weekend. I picked up the DVD (NT v.9) and was told that it was already unlocked and the seller gave me the code. I have installed it on my computer and it works great. I tried to intall the maps on my Nuvi and it does create the file on my SD card, but when I power up the Nuvi it says, "Unable to unlock map".

I called Garmin and they told me that there is no way of changing this and that I would have to buy a new disk in order for it to work. I advised them that I am willing to pay for a new licence, but was told again that it is a one time thing only. He was concerned, however, in making sure that that image was removed from my SD card.

This doesn't make any sense to me, am I missing somthing here? Could someone please help me out?



Just to clear up a couple of things to be sure you understand the map unlock process. The maps are unlocked to a specific GPS unit. This is not transferable to any other unit. Think of it as a consumable item.

Since the previous owner used the unlock code it was gone.

Here's what is says on the Garmin site. You might want to try to call again. And explain that you need to purchase another unlock code for a product that you purchased on ebay. Reading this statement, I would think that you should be able to do that for $75.

Question: Can I legally purchase Garmin MapSource software on eBay or any other online auction site?

Yes, Garmin MapSource software may be purchased from online auction websites. However, there are many issues that can arise from purchasing software in this manner of which customers should be aware.

Some Garmin MapSource software sold on online auction sites may be pirated copies. Many of Garmin’s MapSource software titles are ‘locked’ software programs, meaning that they are useless until they are unlocked. If the original purchaser of the software has already used the registration or coupon codes that were provided with the purchase for unlocking the software, Garmin is not obligated to create another unlock code for the second customer. Any additional unlock codes must be purchased from Garmin.