TTS3 voice files V2.1 (Samantha, Jack, etc.)


I noticed today that Garmin Express offered an update to the Samantha voice on my 3597. Since I don't trust Express, I checked on WebUpdater, and it offered updates to several of the TTS3 voices on my 3597. They all went from V2.0 to V2.1, and the change log showed the same change on each of them ... "Added parking phrases" or something like that. So I applied the updates using WebUpdater.

I don't know if this was reported before, so my apologies if it is a duplicate thread. Couldn't find anything about it with a search.

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Thanks. It's news here for sure since I watch for this. I'll update my unit, then revise the voice version faq.

The same updates posted for

The same updates posted for the Nuvi 2597.

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for the info. updating now.

Yes, indeed

Yes, indeed, all seven English language files were updated to 2.1 as of September 29, 2014:

Changes from version 2.00 to version 2.10:
Added parking phrases

This includes Lee, Sangeeta, Samantha, Karen, Jack, Daniel and Serena.

I also noted on my 3597 that there was a new Localization Data, XML file 03 which seems only to be an addition of Croatia. There also was a new nuvi Map Theme files which updates the themes for France and Germany. It's possible, I suppose, that some here in North America may be using the French or German map theme.


I wonder if this will correct the pronunciation of "Indian".

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Will update when I get home.

updated Samantha

Thanks. Updated Samantha.

Just curious, what are the

Just curious, what are the parking phrases ?

3590 LMT

Nothing for the 3590LMT.


That's because they are TTS3 updates and I don't believe the 3590 uses TTS3 voices. TTS3 voices are for devices that use Garmin's Real Directions with Real Voice that are on the Advanced and Prestige 2013 models. Your 3590 is a model released prior to the 2013 models.

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Mav293 wrote:

Just curious, what are the parking phrases ?

Passed an open parking space 5 minutes ago. Please don't ask me where it was beaus I've not a clue! smile

If you are looking for a parking space be advised there are none to be had in this parking lot. However, there are some left in a parking lot in the next town! wink

Ov course, your results may differ!

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this is all fine and good but there is no listing for the file its self.

Nuvi 200?

daveinfla65 wrote:

this is all fine and good but there is no listing for the file its self.

Welcome to The Factory.

If you're trying to add these TTS3 voices to a nuvi 200, they won't work and won't be offered to you.

If you have a newer device that uses TTS3 voices and already have older versions on your device, then either WebUpdater, Garmin Express or myGarmin will offer them to you. (GE and myG will also offer them on these devices without an older version—WebUpdater needs the older voices to be there to offer the update.) More:

Stick around, there's lots of useful info on the web site.


The files sizes haven't changed for the 2597. They must not have many changes, if any.

Good find

jjen wrote:

The files sizes haven't changed for the 2597. They must not have many changes, if any.

Yes, indeed. I just checked my new vs. old voices on my 3597 and see one with the same KB file size and all the others 1KB larger with version 2.1 compared to 2.0. Given that these voices are basically 20-30MB in size, there is just a tiny change in file size with the version 2.1 update. Of course, I haven't found a way to check to see if version 2.1 changed existing statements spoken from the earlier 2.0, so there could still be lots of changes but few additions, unless there was also an update in file compression.