Ohio_Vineyards-Wineries have been updated. There are now 164 wineries in the POI file. These are taken from A2 permits in Ohio; A2 permits allow the holder to make and sell wine. There may be a few listed that are not making their wine but buying the wine and putting their labels on the bottle, I try to weed them out. There maybe a few that I may have inadvertently left off thinking they were a place where you can make your own wine on premises, if I have I will add them back. One winery I have left out of the file because it is more of a member’s winery and the owner and I agreed to leave them off. I have tried to not put my personal view of wineries in the list and hold any prejudice in check. It is possible that some wineries will be on the list before they are open.

Any help getting the geo-coding and the list correct will be appreciated. Thank you for any and all help.