How to enter these into Google Earth


I've had a Garmin ForeRunner 102 for sometime now that I use to Mountain Bike with. Well, as I was passing by today I noticed a Local Police car sitting in a section off the road. This is a known spot that they always sit and like to use Radar at. Well, I had my ForeRunner with me and decided to take the coordinates down so I could set it up as a Speed Zone in my c340. Well, I got these coordinates but I do not know how to enter them into Google Earth. Could someone help me on this one. Here are the coordinates. There set up in some format I don't understand.

N 35 degrees 26.874'

W 080 degrees 35.816'


degrees & decimal minutes

It looks like your coordinates are in degrees and decimal minutes.

Here's a page that converts from this format:


Thanks JM..... That worked

Thanks JM..... That worked perfect.
I bookmarked that site for future use
as well.... Thanks again.