new to poi's


I have no experiience with POI's...where is it suggested to start and get experience...I have a StreetPilot C340.


Try FAQ:

and the other FAQs there -


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this is great ...thanks

this is great ...thanks

this site

To everyone on this site i just want to say thanks for all your time and hard work to make this a good site. i hope you all Have a nice Christmas.

help unloading

Can someone help me? I need to know if there is a way to unload poi's off the street pilot 330 to make more room.


I was playing with this the other day on my 330.

I actually re loaded from POI Loader.
I had files
Fed Prisons

I wanted to take off "Airports".

I just told POI LOADER to load Paintball, and Prisons, and just removed the Airports from the POI LOADER page.

When I loaded to my GPS, It worked.

Hope this helps