beta is installed


The beta version of the POI database module is installed on the web site and will be ready to use after I setup some POI types. This is a good stopping point for the evening.


first POI types

I've setup a fist set of POI types for Jeepin04, GC0110 and Miss poi.

Jeepin will be gathering POIs for the NY-Finger Lakes area. GC has a category for NC-Attractions (not shown). Miss poi is transferring some existing Home Depot files over to the new database.

The files are pretty much empty right now, but you'll be able to download after they've had a chance to load some data.

You can watch the Home Depot location count go up as Miss poi adds locations to the database. smile


Hi Jon your new file upload area is impressive!

Just checked out your new area and I have to say you're doing a good job. Keep up the good work!!


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I transfered some of

I transfered some of Raybonz's work over to the new database. It is pretty easy to use and fun.
Miss Poi


Hi Maryann it sure is fun watching the progress here. Day by day you can see the difference and when you can't we're kept informed.

Great Work!


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current POI types

The following POI types are now using the POI database module:

* Home Depot Stores (MA & RI only) - Miss poi / raybonz
* Tulsa Attractions - ROBERT F
* NY-Finger Lakes (new, no data yet) - Jeepin04
* NC-Attractions (new, no data yet) - GC0110

If anyone else wants to try out the POI database tool, just let me know and I'll set you up with a new category.


more in the pipeline

I've setup a Federal Prisons POI type for Tracylaud83.

There's still room for more to join the POI Database beta test.


I wouldn't mind joining,

I wouldn't mind joining, just don't really understand what you're asking. I haven't delved into the POI sections here much, other than uploading a file. What could I do to help?

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NY-Finger Lakes

Hello all,

I'll start adding files to the NY-Fingerlakes database this weekend. My family has had the stomach bug all week and decided to share it with me, so now its my turn. Good thing you can't pass it around on the web...


Camara trenton nj

I see a new camara that was istalled a few weeks ago in trenton nj. Is between hamilton ave and south clinton ave
thanks, Carlos Alvarenga

Carlos Alvarenga singh


Well, I played with the new area a little yesturday and this morning.
I put in about 35 Federal Prisons.
I like the new area.
I would use Google Earth to start a large file, then would like to be able to access the same info in the new area to make small changes and Up-Dates.

I even used the Download feature to "FULLY" test the new area.

Very nice, Very easy to use.
I like it.


thanks for the feedback

Ability to upload from a Google Earth KML file is a really good idea. I'll put it on the future enhancements list.



Thanks Carlos, I will add it to my next batch.
Miss Poi

Beta POI Feedback

Works great, easy to understand.

Only suggestions that I would have would be:

1.) To be able to upload a CSV file to get it started a little faster.

2.) The other suggestions would be to have the option of how to sort the listings. Might be another good way to find out if you have already submitted a location.

3.) Minor problem - I had to hit the submit button two times every once and a while. Could just be something on my end, just thought I would mention it.


thanks Jeepin

Thanks for the feedback. I've enabled NY-Finger Lakes to show up under the attractions area. Let me know if you'd like to add a picture.


Beta POI Feedback

I've emailed the picture file to go with the database. Thanks for adding it for me.

After downloading the files and looking at them on the GPS unit, the only other suggestion I could think of that would be helpful while traveling would be to have the city and state added. It might make it easier to find the particular location or store that you want to travel to, especially if the stores are all named the same. I usually add them using Notebook only because I'm not sure how to use the enter key in a cell in Excel.

The entire process was very easy to use. Keep up the great work.