Navigating Via Cell Tower Triangulation


If you have NO GPS signal whatsoever. Say you are in an underground parking facility or deep in a mall, etc., and want to determine where you are, what apps are best suited for this? In fact, if you turned off the GPS, would some apps do an okay job of navigating or would it be pretty crude?


If you enable the Location Services in your phone settings, then the standard Maps app will give you a reasonable estimate of where you are, without having to turn GPS on.


Most mobile devices these days use an assisted GPS for location services... When onboard GPS location data is unavailable, they'll first use WIFI if available, and geolocate you via a database of IP addresses with "known" locations of said IP addresses... Next, they can use locations of cell towers... And there are now coming into use fixed, geolocation verified devices that use low energy Bluetooth to provide location services and data to mobile devices... Apple's iBeacon is one...

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Say you are in an underground parking facility or deep in a mall, etc., and want to determine where you are...

The easiest way to determine where you are is to look and see if you're there, because if you weren't there... you'd be some other place! grin wink


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Well, if the title of this thread means anything, cell signal will not be available underground for triangulation, unless there are micro-cells. I don't think wi-fi is being widely deployed to parking lots just yet. And watch your phone while underground or in a large concrete parking facility with levels above you... little to no reception from overhead satellites. If you want to navigate via cell tower triangulation, your device needs unfettered access to the towers for reliable location. While I'm underground or under parking area decks, my GPS is blind until I get out to open sky, and my phone has little to no reception under similar conditions.

My apps that need GPS do not work without the GPS feature, (Location Services) turned on. I'll get an advisory telling me to turn on location services before the app will be able to conduct location based functions.

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