New Camera Locations


HI everyone I am new to the site and I'd like to share my red light camera locations but the issue is that I see the add a new camera location but I can't see the existing locations. Is there a list or map of the current cameras? I saw the list of newly added locations, but they are listed by area only.


Peter, I don't have a list

I don't have a list because I have issues with other sites stealing my data if I post it or someone else posts it. If you would like, let me know what area you are and I will work with you one on one through e-mails to figure out if you know of any that I don't have.

Miss Poi

Re: New camera locations

I live in the Baltimore area and I have red light camera DB in my GPS, I don't even remember where did I get it from. In some locations, I'll drive and see a camera which is not in my DB so I can just give you those I don't currently have.


Whatever works best for you,

Whatever works best for you, this is about having fun:)

Miss Poi

submitting red camera location

what is the best format to submit?
Do you want intersection or coordinates?

I keep finding more in MD that are not in your latest file.

never mind

I just saw your message about what you want us to report.