Does the school POI contain safety zones? Or it just the locations of the schools? Thanks

Just the location of the

Just the location of the schools, but you can set proximity or speed alerts by running POI Loader in Manual Mode when you load the file.



I did

I changed the name of the CSV file in School 20.csv, then I created a file school 20.mp3 with a recorded voice "attention.. school zone slow down to 20mph".

It works great!

The great fact is that it alerts you only if the school is on your road.


\/iger6____________ nuvi 350 on board.

Great idea

That is a great idea!!

Nuvi 350 Setting alerts

I downloaded the northeast schools and manually loaded the poi so i can set proximity alert , my question is how do I turn alerts on so it actually warns when approaching a school area?

On by Default

I think it on by default.

There are options in "Proximity Points".

From Main menu, press "settings" (wrench), then down arrow (for next screen), then Proximity Points. Press the "Change" box for Alerts. The Custom Pois and Garmin Safety Cameras boxes should be Checked.

There is also an Audio option there. Not sure what the options do.

(Continuous - Speed Alerts)
(Continuous - All Alerts)

HarveyS - Nuvi 350

Thanks , Iwill give that a

Thanks , Iwill give that a try and see how it works , glenn

Tried this but can not get

Tried this but can not get the alert to work , do I have to download a special alert sound?