Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!

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Horay! I just got my dad an

Horay! I just got my dad an exercise bike and he hates it! I'll return it tomorrow and get him a tread mill. Happy Fathers day!


kii123 wrote:

Horay! I just got my dad an exercise bike and he hates it! I'll return it tomorrow and get him a tread mill. Happy Fathers day!

It's not the gift that counts? No it's the gift.

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Happy Father's Day

I got my hubby a temp. tribal armband tattoo to go with his newly acquired motorcycle, and a stadium seat pillow to go with his New England Patriots season tickets!

Happy Father's Day to all Dads on this board, hopefully your children don't need a GPS to find you today (unless of course you want not to be found) wink

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Happy Fathers Day!!! my wife

Happy Fathers Day!!! my wife bought me a nintendo wii.

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Happy Fathers Day everyone!!!

Our kids got Jon a tank to store air in so he doesn't have to mess with hooking up the car adapter when they need their bicycle tires filled, he can just take the tank to the tire that is in need.

I am really glad that you posted this thread because I forgot and now the kids are decorating the card they got for him.

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Father's Day

"I don't need nuttin' .... I got my GPS!"

Truth is the best thing about Fathers Day is when my oldest Son calls, tells me 'Happy Fathers Day', and asks me if I want to come over and help work on his Drag Racing Truck. To some this isn't much; to me being asked to share what he loves to do most is as close to Heaven as it gets!


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I couldn't agree with you

I couldn't agree with you more - Happy Father's Day

Thank you, Happy Father's

Thank you, Happy Father's Day to you too.

Happy Fathers Day!

I gave my dad a Nuvi 350 as well as my gf's dad. =) My dad is not very good with driving directions and most of the time ask me to accompany him to places he never been to. Maybe with this gift, he'll be more confident in going about town without my assistance. My gf's dad is a gadget freak, and I just love the look on his face when he opened the gift.

Father's Day

Today my son and I made our annual Father's Day trip to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, DC where I visited some friends that are unfortunately no longer around to share Father's Day with their kids.

Kind of a humbling experience and makes me very thankful for being able to share my day with my son and some friends here at POI Factory.

Happy Father's Day to all.


Officer I'm sorry I was going the wrong way on that one-way street but my GPS told me to turn left ... Oh, I'm still getting a ticket, okay then the GPS will see ya in court!