Nominations for COW awards for the week of June 11th


Hey guys, sorry I didn't get this up yesterday. I am still fighting this cold. I am pretty much leaving it up to you guys this week.

Miss Poi

OK, I'll Start....

I nominate Motorcycle Mama. It seems every time someone has a question, she is right there with the answer.
I know she has helped me with many questions I have had, and she never looks down on you because you don't understand something.
Also, Bobkz and other members have done a lot of work creating "icon" files this week, and I feel they should also be recognized.

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I got to say its ...

I think Motorcycle mama gets the COW award!! She is alway there for everyone ( Even me) Motorcyle mama seems to know the ansers or where to find them and does a great job directing them there.. Your the BEST!!

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Motorcycle Mama. Always there and an excellent source of information and solutions.

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You guys need to stop. smile

What you should be saying is that Motorcycle Mama needs to get off the computer and get a life!! wink

You all are very, very sweet. I'm sure that there are lots of others who are deserving.

You guys have been wearing out the factory posting all the icons. How about some of those guys?

bobkz, auggie, kyle_white, bdodds


I also agree that MM deserves the honor! Her answers to questions benefit not only those that asked the question, but others that read her responses too. I have learned a number of interesting things from her responses.

Keep up the good work you deserve the COW.


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