Can existing red light camera file work with Garmin 2595 LMT ?


Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a new Garmin and would like to subscribe for the red light camera POI file.

I am not sure the file will work on the newer Garmin unit.

Any comment is much greatly appreciated


Welcome to The Factory. The Garmin Safety Cameras, US and Canada, states that it is compatible with your nuvi 2595LMT:

Just to be safe and to try it out before buying a subscription, download and use the Free Trial version. It will work as long as you have your nuvi, but can't be updated without the paid Garmin subscription. Note that the paid subscription requires your device to be registered with Garmin.

Some Garmin On The Road devices come with the Free Trial of the Garmin file pre-installed.

Note, too, that The Factory offers two Custom POI files for redlight cameras and speed cameras. A lot of folks here prefer the Factory's offerings:

These files can be obtained for a small fee--or are free after you earn your windmill for participating on this web site.


newbbie2014 wrote:

Can Existing Red Light Camera File Work With Garmin 2595 LMT ?

Yes. The Red Light Camera file you download from POI Factory can work with the Garmin 2595 LMT and all Garmin nuvi, zumo, and dezl GPSs, as well as Rand McNally and TomTom units.

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Yes the files from Poi

Yes the files from Poi Factory will work with your new unit.

It works with the 2597LMT so

It works with the 2597LMT so therefore would expect it to work with the 2595 also

Thank you

Just want to say thank you for the feedback