oddities with 3597LMTHD and 100% zoomed in


Hello all,

so I have the nüvi® 3597LMTHD and I've noticed a couple of times that while following a route, I will zoom in to about 100% and it does zoom in BUT while the map moves as I drive, the avatar of my vehicle doesn't move with the map.

I have to back out to the home screen and then select view map in order for this oddity to rectify itself. It's only happened a couple of times (on the same trip) but it kind of annoyed me.

Any thoughts or similar issues?

2D vs 3D.

If you accidentally touched the map while pressing the +/- keys, you changed the display from the normal navigation view to the 2D map browsing mode. In this mode, you can pan the map manually, but the map doesn't refresh automatically as the vehicle moves. The vehicle will move across the displayed map view and off the screen.

Not sure if that is what you are seeing.

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you might be right :)

the way you are describing resonates with me but I'll have to check this weekend. thanks!