Nuvi 2798 LMT


Well you know how it is, Boys and their toys.

Has anyone bought the 2798 LMT yet? Would love to hear comments from actual users.

I need another GPS like a hole in the head, but that model sounds intriguing.

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Don't own one but just looking at the specs and comparing it to a Nuvi 3597LMTHD I have to wonder what the 2798 offers other than a 7" screen (with the same resolution as the 3597's 5" screen) and a backup camera. I guess the question is, is that worth the $70 (Garmin list) premium you'd pay for the 2798, especially when you'd lose:

- that beautiful Multi Touch glass, Dual Orientation WVGA color screen.
- easy to use magnetic cradle/mount
- 3D Terrain view
- 3D Building view
- HD Traffic
- 1 hour of estimated battery life
and the 2798 is twice as heavy as the 3597.

Think I'll keep my 3597. wink

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Yes, the resistive vs. capacitive screen killed it for me.


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Observations on Larger Screened Units

Although I don’t own the 2798 LMT, I do have the RV 760 LMT which is just about an identical unit without the campground directory, oversize vehicle features and a few other minor options. I can’t address the specific features of the 2798 but for what it’s worth, I can offer a few observations on the 7” screen size.

My eyes aren’t what they used to be and you just can’t beat the 7” screen, especially when using the backup camera. The adjustable icon layout is also easier to read on the larger screen without squinting. I find this minimizes the length of time my eyes are off the road when making adjustments.

For glare reduction, I also prefer the traditional semi-gloss screen surface on the 7” units over the high gloss glass on the newer 5” Nuvi’s.

If you have a smartphone, Garmin’s Smartlink app can provide the 2798 with useful information when travelling like live traffic, weather and even access to highway cameras along your route. This feature is also available on several 5” models however.

The larger size and added weight can be an issue if you have a smaller vehicle or plan to use a bean bag friction mount. I find the suction cup windshield mount fails more often with the heavier unit as well. It can also take up a lot of space on a small dash and obstruct your view. I use the 760 in my pickup when trailering but it’s a little awkward in my compact SUV.

If you’re looking for a backup camera, you have to go with a 7” screen (Dezl 760, RV 760 or Nuvi 2798). Garmin does not offer a 5” unit with that feature.

I own several GPS units and the 7" 760 is the one I use most often mainly due to it's larger screen.


I have been looking at this unit as well, still undecided if the backup camera would be enough of an update.