Garmin 2597LMT - Amazon $139.99 as of 5-29-14 noon

eTrex 20, Garmin Drive 51 LM USA+CAN

I bought this unit

I bought this unit and I like some of the new features. I'm really not happy that Garmin took away features that I used to have on my nuvi 1690 such as Garmin lock. I had my nuvi 1690 stolen recently and that's a real peace of mind to know whoever took it now has a boat anchor.

Pretty good price for a new

Pretty good price for a new unit that was until recently, one of Garmin's top of the line models.

Got one too

Interface takes some getting used to...

non-native nutmegger

odd pricing

It's strange that if you select the versions without the bluetooth or lifetime maps features the price goes up. $140 as advertised, w/o bluetooth is $150, w/o maps is $192!

Should I upgrade?

How does it compare to my 765T?

That figures

Most of the time when I buy something in a short time I can count on the price dropping.

Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there's a 90% probability you'll get it wrong.

Low Price Gone

Now $166.46


eTrex 20, Garmin Drive 51 LM USA+CAN