Nuvi 2597 Power Cable


Does anybody knows where can I buy a replacement power cable for my 2597? It is a TA20, part number 320-00239-70.
I haven't been able to find it anywhere, not even at I believe it specifically has to be this one because even though the cable doesn't have a traffic receiver, it acts as an antenna.
Eddie S.

I see one

I see one Genuine Garmin TA20 offered on ebay right now for roughly $20 shipped, plus one cheaper aftermarket "TA20" that'd I'd avoid given the need for the traffic antenna that may or not be incorporated in the generic cord.

2597 power cables.

I have the cable that came with the unit and one that came from Ebay. The one that came with the unit runs straight down from the unit to the console, about two feet. It has no problem receiving traffic at least 70 miles from DFW. The unit has the internal antenna and apparently does not need the cable to act as one. The cable I bought from Ebay has what appears to be a termination in the cable. Most of the cable is wound around the base of the unit and extends just long enough to reach the power connection. No reception problems here either. Both cables are listed as TA20.

See photos here: