1490 download/installation error for 2015.1 maps


Guess I'm not the only one. Called the 800 # and they're working on a fix.
I don't know why I have so many problems trying to do updates with Garmin. Don't they have a testing division to see if it all works before they field it?

I must be Lucky

I had no problems at all

Same problem here...

trying to update my 1490LMT with 2015.10 via GMU v3.3.3. I tried every combination of screen options and they all aborted during the download stage.

This probably won't help you, but the only way I got my 1490LMT loaded was to first update my Garmin 780 with 2015.10 via GMU v3.3.3 specifying the "load to device and computer" option and checked the box to "leave installation files on computer". That updated my 780 just fine. Only then was I able to successfully update my 1490LMT with 2015.10 via GMU v3.3.3 specifying "load to device only". I also checked BaseCamp and it read my new 2015.10 map without a problem. I didn't have to unlock or enter a code for any of the updates.