Overnight horse stables.


The title just about says it all.
I travel with a horse trailer.

You can't bring them into a Holiday Inn room and HIDE them, they're just TOO BIG.
Even the motels that say "pet friendly" don't mean pets THIS big.

There are a couple of directories on the web, horsetrip.com and there was a section of bbonline that could be searched, I think with /~horses.htm something like that.
A coast to coast POI file would be SO NICE to pick them up along the way. Once in a while I discover a new one and mark it, but they are few and far between.

The last time I did Vermont to LA there was one leg with ~600 miles between overnight stables - not good, too much time on board is BAD for the horses.

I couldn't find a poi file

Since you are marking them, why don't you start a file and up load it here. I am sure it would help others.

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Thanks for your

Thanks for your response.

Basically I don't know how to do that.

The ones I currently have are still in various old (paper) notebooks, GPS units and laptops, some of them have been taken from horsetrip.com listings, others from BBonline, some I have used so much that I just REMEMBER them.

I have only a vague outline of what I would like to see in such a POI file, e.g.
B&B for HUMANS on site or distance to closest motel, maximum trailer size, whether water and electrical hook up for trailer camping is available, distance from which Interstates, phone, etc.
Rate and date of the last know $ rate.
Probably a lot of other stuff that other horse pullers would like to see...

I was hoping other horse trailer people might chime in - and perhaps they will, some might have a bit of know how - others less so.

Starting The List


As far as I can tell, starting the list, is simply doing a spreasheet in MS Excel, where each column represents 'fields' of data.

So, to see a file in action, download a file, right here from POI, open it up and look inside to see columns,... name, address 1, address 2, city, state, zip, phone, fax, and any other column of info you want to include about the facility.

I would like this file as well.


Gals ?

Yes, since I wrote the "I don't know how" I have figured out that it is just a CSV file and that can be dumped from any spreadsheet program, e.g. Open_Office_Calc if you don't want to pay money to the Gates organization.
I will try to figure what fields are needed to get proximity to routes, probably zip code.

BTW, we're not ALL "Gals" - Unless that is an acronym that I am unaware of, e.g.
G (PS)
A (??)
L (??)
S (ociety)



Making files

Here are several methods you could use. See http://www.poi-factory.com/node/25743 , http://www.poi-factory.com/node/25752 and (link no longer available)

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I volunteer to start with just the State of PA

There are about three dozen in PA that I know of.
As a SUGGESTION - I will start a spread sheet and submit it.
Others PLEASE beat up on it.

If that works (well enough) I will take the next State en route to LA that would be about 500 miles farther and try to do these whole State by whole state.
That should give us 5 or 6 States, I favor the southern route but the northern is probably only two more States.
The 500 mile legs are arbitrary but reasonable with horses {IMO, etc.} if you are trying to GET there and don't want to fatigue yourself or the horses.

Just realized, this isn't ONLY data gathering and spreadsheet entry, I have to feed my GPS and plan a trial route. It ain't gonna get finished TONIGHT grin


charlesd45 wrote:

Here are several methods you could use. See http://www.poi-factory.com/node/25743 , http://www.poi-factory.com/node/25752 and (link no longer available)

Covers some of the basics for a CSV or Comma Separated Variable file.

CSV files are limited in that all the data has to be in 4 columns. Another option would be to create a GPX file which provides more options as to the information in the file and can control how the data is presented on the screen. Another advantage of a GPX is the phone numbers in the file can be dialed through your Bluetooth connection allowing you to check if space is available.

Check these entries for help in creating a GPX file using the Extra_POI_Editor program.

Creating GPX files isn't difficult but it does take a little more planning and stricter adherence to the "rules." The result will be a POI file that would be more user friendly to the person pulling the trailer.

Illiterate? Write for free help.

Rodeo Grounds

A question... and perhaps a suggestion.

I have friends involved in barrel racing that travel to events in Wyoming and Montana. They sometimes use the stables at rodeo grounds, with permission of course. Almost every small town in the west has a rodeo grounds and these might serve the same function for horse haulers that WalMarts provide RVers.

Would these types of facilities meet your needs?

Rodeo grounds

Thanks for the tip.
Some fair grounds and stock yards allow overnight use too, sometimes for free.
I think ANYTHING is better than nothing, although I know someone who a did coast to coast move with NO planning.
Basically slept in the truck when they were tired and walked the horses wherever they could whenever they could.
Not MY style, but hey...

I suppose the comments field would indicate "type".


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The next link helps you make a backup of your GPS by attaching it to your computer. (NEVER do anything to your GPS until you have a backup). It also assures that you put your (newer) unit into a state where you can see all of the folders there.

We will help you get a POI file going

Not A Horse Person, But...

Like some others here have suggested...

When you stop for fuel why don't you ask those behind the counter if there's any horse farms in the area. Maybe you can work a deal with the owners to board your horse overnight for a few $$'s.

My other thought was...

If it's about time when you want to bed down and you happen to see a farm along the roadside, pull in and talk to the farmer about overnight boarding. Might be surprised with what you find out.


I'm not really lost.... just temporarily misplaced!