How do I load POIs onto my Garmin 3590 using my iMac?


I am new here. As stated in the subject line I am trying to load a POI onto my Garmin 3590. I did surf the topics and tried to use the search feature with no joy. I did find the instruction for using a PC.
I will admit being ignorant on how MaCs work. I use the iMaC mostly for photo processing and mail. I have no problem updating the Garmin 3590 using Garmin express. I have no idea how to look at files inside the 3590 other than the few file names I can see with FINDER.
The iMac is using OS X 10.9.2 and is only a couple of years old.
If someone could tell me the proper location to find the instructions or tell me how that would be great.
Thanks in advance,

POI Loader

There is a POI loader for Mac at
Download what you need for your MAC.

When you connect your GPS to the MAC, the files you see there are all that you need to be concerned with.

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POI Loader is the only simple way

No matter what computer you have, the only simple way to load POI files into a Garmin GPS is to run Garmin POI Loader. That is because the POI files (.csv or .gpx) are not loaded as they are - they are transformed into one big .gpi file that is loaded into the GPS.

Take a look at this FAQ - it is pretty simple -

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