Apple's CarPlay draws safety criticism


And no, this is not Apple Bashing.

Safety spokesmen have concerns over Apple's CarPlay application, but the concern is really over the entire gamut of distracted driving. One particular quote from the article states: "The institute [IIHS] has found that state laws banning cell phone use while driving have no effect on crash totals. So how do we prevent the distractions of technology from generating more crashes? Rader says the answer may be more technology."

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Yeah, this is going to be a generic ongoing problem.

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So, does anyone know what

So, does anyone know what the most distracting things in a car are? From previous research I read some where, which is pretty old, children in the car were the biggest cause of crashes in America. So, should we lock all the kids in the trunk so people concentrate on the road?

In Germany, where there are no speed limits on the Autobahn, has some of the least amount of accidents. Of course, it costs thousands of dollars to get the license in the first place and if you are caught doing anything other than driving (eating, drinking, smoking, talking, phone, etc.) you will be fined and could possibly lose your license forever. Driving is privilege over there, not a right.


Just this weekend, I was shaking my head at what it takes to operate the radios, er, sound systems, in my cars. Way back when, there were only three knobs: volume, tone and tuning. Then setting the buttons for favorite stations. That was it. Now there are so many more buttons and knobs and other controls, buttons with two or three or more different functions.

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Sounds like a plan...

abeebe wrote:

So, should we lock all the kids in the trunk so people concentrate on the road?

Works for me...

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Some of the people attempting to drive should be locked in the trunk instead of the kids...the kids would likely do a better job at the driving anyways.

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there will always bee something.

Eventually when cars drive themselves to work in the morning then there will be no more distracted driving!


When driving on the Interstate, and you come upon a driver going 40mph, you can always bet the driver is on a cell phone.
Looking out the windshield seeing very little, because of distracted driving. The phones OS platform means nothing along with using the phone as a handheld or Bluetooth device.

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It seems to me this product would be considered illegal in some states.