Returned My c330 and ordered a c530


I hope I made the right choice my c330 didn't see couple of new developments by my house and didnt find my girlfriend's house. Are there anyother advantages for the c530? Thank You guys

maps / features

Maps are pretty much the same across Garmin's automotive models. It may be a while before you see roads for the newer developments included in a MapSource update.

From a feature standpoint, c530 is better at handling custom POIs. It can read them from SD card or internal memory. It also has a newer, more sensitive GPS receiver. (It uses the SiRF chipset that pdshankland mentioned in another post today.)


Ohh Thank you very much for

Ohh Thank you very much for that information. Would you be kind and explain to me what exactly the red light cameras are too plese. Thank You very much JM, and sorry for bothering you so much.

no problem

There are many good people here, and we all do our best to help each other out.


red light cameras

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