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ive used google earth to create poi. is there and advantage to buying google earth plus or only google pro (which is way to expensive)? does google earth plus link with mapsource v 6 ?

by the way there is an update to garmin mapsource v 6

come on someone has had

come on someone has had experience with google plus.

I also have a question about

I also have a question about Google Earth. I have downloaded the free version, but noticed that when pulling it in close enough to see some detail on the map, it's starts getting a little blurred at approximately eye alt of 2275, and the resolution is not good at all. Does the "pay for" versions give a much higher resolution than the free version? I know it's not my PC or Dell flat screen. What are the advantages of the "pay for" versions?

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resolution, etc.

Resolution is the same for all version. I found this note on the Google Earth site:

While there are additional capabilities and features available in Google Earth Pro, the underlying imagery is the same for all versions of Google Earth

From reading the descriptions, the better versions seem to have more features for drawing, import/export, and GPS support.

The note about GPS says it can read in tracks and waypoints from select GPS devices. I think this means it can show locations from your GPS on a Google earth map.


so i take it there is no

so i take it there is no advantage to buying the google upgrade.


I haven't used Google Earth much.

The most significant difference I see from the descriptions is that you can import data into the Plus version from other sources. This might be interesting if you have a handheld GPS and want to show "tracks" of where you've been on the Google Earth maps.

The basic version would seem to be adequate for people who just want to browse the satellite maps.


The only thing that I could

The only thing that I could find that made GE Plus a better version was the tracking abilities, and these work in two dimensions, being altitude plus lat/long. I took a virtual tour that someone made up of all the incoming Japanese aircraft that attacked Pearl Harbor that was simply amazing. I thought I could use that functionality with my tour of Lake Norman, but so far it's not been a necessity and I can't find a reason to fork over money when the free version works fine for me.

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I have Google Earth Plus- I

I have Google Earth Plus-

I works just fine -

has cool features - but it appears to have the same fidelity....

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Hey Bob, I had the free

Hey Bob, I had the free version of google, and spent twenty dollors for google Plus. It,s great but I don,t see anything different from the free version other then the format. Sorry I took so long to answer your question but I just got back online. Computer problems.


ty and welcome back

ty and welcome back