Old Google Maps


The old Google Map now doesn't have "Send to GPS" anymore. The only option is "Send to Car" and then a list of cars shows up.

Google is getting worse about a bunch of things not just map app.
The "too big to fail" doesn't apply to user's opinions and my opinion is Google sucks more every day!

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Old Google Map

I can't find the Old Google Map.
Can you post a link to it?

EDIT: Never mind. I was on the old maps. I am blond!!!

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I just used mapquest

I am taking a trip at the end of February and driving my Son (and a truck) to a spot in Summerville SC. It is not on my map in the GPS. I had to send the location to the GPS.

And don't tell me to update the maps! I can't. Its a company GPS and they won't update it.

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