Contributors of the Week 2013-11-11


This week, it should be no surprise, we are recognizing turboccc!

Enough cannot be said about how much this community appreciates you. We’re grateful for

Extra_POI_Editor update by TurboCCC

And very happy to hear that life seems to be treating you well!

Welcome back, turboccc!


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It is great to have you back Turboccc!

Enjoy your week in the spotlight and thanks for all you do.

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Recognizing turboccc

Congratulations turboccc and Thanks for all you do to help us all at the poi-factory ,Keep up the great work. grin . Well deserved

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Bravo Turbo

and welcome back smile

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Well Deserved



Thanks for your hard work turboccc. Glad to see our good friend back with us.

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3 moo salute!

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Thanks for returning and Congratulations

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someone really worth of recognition, turbo thanks for the recent update.

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Congrats turboCCC! And welcome back...

Congrats turboCCC!

And welcome back...

Politicians and Diapers must be changed often for the exact same reason...


And Thanks.


Thanks for the update turboccc! We appreciate all your efforts.

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his programs sure made a fantastic difference, in the use of our gpsr. wink

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Thank you Turbo and nice to

Thank you Turbo and nice to see you back. We'll leave the light on for you.

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No windmill, no stars. Just 3 trees in the garden and now the COW?

Welcome back Turbo - you have been sorely missed.

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Thank You

Thank you for all of your efforts on our behalf. You really make a difference around here.



GT, I am so happy you chose Turbo for this weeks award.

TurboCCC glad to see you pop in, you have been missed.

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Amen Brother,

Amen!!!! Turboccc is the best. Great to have you back and thank you for all of the hard work you do around here.

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Welcome back. Enjoy your week as a COW!


Thanks for your hard work.






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Thank you, turboccc!

Thanks for all you have done for the community, turboccc! Even before I became a contributor to this site, I was using Extra_POI_Editor regularly, even when I had to go elsewhere for my geocoding! Hope things go well with you!

--- Tim


Well being a newbie to this forum...never had the pleasure of reading about your works...but now I am diving in with your project and really appreciate your contributions to this forum...

Welcome back...oh great project in that Extra_POI_Editor... Thanks for all you have done and are doing!

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Wow! What fantastic news, turboccc is back, and with a present for everyone.
Thanks and welcome back. Enjoy your COW.

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Wow! Thanks guys! I did not do much yet and not sure yet how much I will be able to achieve, but I certainly appreciate your gesture. Much appreciated. Thank you.

(Sorry if I always repeat the same words! My English is not very elaborate... lol!)


Well-deserved, turboccc! Nice to see you back!

Well deserved

Even with turboo not being here as much he still helps many everyday wiht the program he created for us. Thanks Turboo and good luck . smile

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Well Deserved!

Thanks for dropping by again and fixing EPE!

Congrats and thanks, really

Congrats and thanks, really enjoy the ease of using your program.

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Congratulations TurboCCC

A big thank you for the EPE fix,and welcome back!

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Congratulations turboccc!

Thanks for EVERYTHING you do for the members of this fantastic site. Enjoy your well deserved week in the pasture.