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Does anyone know if Garmin Cyclops Safety Cameras download works for Garmin Nuvi 3597LMTHD?

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Hmm, this may not be what you want. Go to:

and click Accessories, then click Safety Cameras. The 3597LMTHD is compatible with many Cyclops files but the US/Canada Cyclops is suspiciously not mentioned. If you decide to try it, definitely try the trial version before paying for a subscription:

especially since the 3597LMTHD is not in the US/Canada list of the file's Compatible Devices although the non US Cyclops files do list the 3597LMTHD as being compatible.

Update: Found on page 4 of the thread:

by mmoonitz on 4/17/13:

Their cyclops 'app' will not work on their new 2797, nor ANY of their 2013 models, accord to tech support. Tried it and it wouldn't load. The POI Factory's loaded fine and their instruction was great. Tried it out last night, worked fine.

Given that finding, may I suggest you try the redlight and speed camera files here:

Thank you for clarifying

Thank you for clarifying that. I'll look at the red light camera POI from here, Thanks!

their tech support

isn't that good, so they may be right, or they may be wrong. My .02. Plus isn't it November 2013, so isn't that enough time for things to work on the "2013 models?" Cyclops didn't seem to have any false alerts when I used it, but they raised the price so I decided not to continue.

Has Garmin given a reason as

Has Garmin given a reason as to why the Cyclops is not working on the 2013 models?


Might be worth noting that

Might be worth noting that the file names have changed from:



Have to wonder why Cyclops name has been removed.

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