D.C. Cops Go ‘Nuclear’ with Traffic Cameras


POI Factory may get very busy soon with the District of Columbia...

More news from DC:

A drivers’ advocacy group is decrying the latest expansion of the District’s automated traffic enforcement program.

D.C. police activated 100 new “next-generation” traffic cameras Saturday to target a growing number of motorist violations ranging from failure to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks to blocking the box.

The new cameras boost the number of automated traffic enforcement devices operated by the Metropolitan Police Department to nearly 300 cameras — an expansion that AAA Mid-Atlantic called the “nuclear option.”

“It gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘all over the map,’ ” said John B. Townsend II, a spokesman for the group. “Motorists will encounter a plethora of automated traffic enforcement cameras in every quadrant and quarter of the map and streetscape of the city.”


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Are they really just traffic cams?

(tinfoil hat=ON) Maybe they're "multipurpose" cams... (tinfoil hat=OFF) smile

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Another Case of

Another case of revenue increases by government in the District. What they don't understand is that if it goes over the top, folks from MD & VA will simply stop going into the District for ANY purpose.

Except for the museums on the Mall, I find fewer reasons to visit. Good restaurants can be found in the suburbs. Let 'em enjoy their isolation.


It's the commuters

The poor working slugs that have to crawl into the city every morning in bumper to bumper traffic are the ones that will be stung the most, finding a ticket in their mailbox every so often. Inevitably, one gets stuck in an intersection or crosswalk once in a while when traffic moves at a snail's pace along DC's main arteries.

but again

TWC42 wrote:

It's the commuters

Not only the commuters but the taxi drivers. And that should pose a big problem as well. Most cabbies don't own a cab, they rent the vehicle by the day.

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This is i addition to using

This is in addition to using speed cameras on the highway.

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In the near future I predict

In the near future I predict cameras at every intersection in large metropolitan cities. Not just for traffic violations and traffic control, but for crime detection, and used for the apprehension of said criminals. And in the future Big Brother will be watching everything you do and hearing everything you say, making sure you "stay in line".

And if you don't think it will ever happen, just review the surge in surveillance history in this country over the last 30-50 years.

Traffic cameras are just a minor step, most people don't even worry about the surveillance.

And no, I don't were tinfoil hats..... grin

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