Can POI files be removed from Garmin devices?


Newbie as of a few hours ago. I have a Garmin 760 and if I download and install a POI file then decide I do not need it for some reason can it be removed from the 760? Thanks.

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Yes, there are a couple ways at least.

To remove installed POI file(s), you can re-run POI Loader and in the 4th window, select "Remove all previously installed custom POIs from your device."

Alternately, you can use your computer and view your nuvi as a computer drive, then look for files ending in .gpi (the default file name created with POI Loader is POI.gpi) and in your nuvi 760 will be in the nuvi's /Garmin/POI folder. Note that depending on how you install custom POIs, a .gpi file may contain one or more custom POI files, plus custom icons and custom audio.

Also, each time you run POI Loader and create a gpi file on the nuvi, any previous custom POIs with the same file name will be overwritten which deletes the older version and replaces it with your newer one.

[Edit]Oh wait, you have the nuvi RV760, not an old nuvi 760 so your custom POIs will probably be elsewhere, possibly in the /POI folder.

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Thanks Craig.