Get rid of your old GPS


Aside from donating your old GPS or smart phones, there are places you can get cash, gift cards, or store credit.

I was wondering if anyone knew of programs that give cash or credit for used GPS units without having to go through the rigors of ebay.

One I found was the Amazon program -



I have seen the machines in the Mall that take phones and give back cash but have never looked at them to see if they take GPS...
Next time we go to the mall I will see what all they take.

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The Garmin store in Chicago

Will give you 50$ credit on certain units towards the purchase of a new device.

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at what price?

Garmin units are highly discounted off Garmin's supposed "list price" at places like Newegg. If a "selected" Garmin unit were bought at a $50 discount over "list price" you likely would still be overpaying, have less of a selection of models, and give up your old GPS receiver in the process. doesn't sound like a deal to me.

sold 3 or 4 of my old garmin units on ebay it was quick and easy

Ebay is actually pretty easy and fast.

I have sold 3 or 4 of my old garmin units on ebay and it was quick and easy and most of the time got nearly what I had paid for them when I bought them new and in one case more than I had paid for it new.

It sounds crazy but I have seen people pay more on ebay for a used unit than what you could still find them for brand new.

Just recently sold my old Droid X cell phone that I had paid $90 for new on there for $120.

I have even sold two of my Corvette converts on there and got top dollar, easy sale and the last one sold in 3 days for my asking price.

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No Garmin support - recycle it.

I had a Garmin SteetPilot 2620 that I loved, but after awhile there were no map updates available, so the $900 bucks I paid back then did not buy any longivity.

Got a Nuvi 765T and recycled the the StreetPilot at the local place that takes electronics such as stereos, computers, TVs, etc.

Look for a place that actually parts out what they can and does not send anything to China where it is ground up and the toxic parts go into the ecosystem.


Nuvi 650

I have my old Nuvi 650. Since I got my 765t (which I love), I have not gone back. I would love to know if I could donate it to someone. The only problem is I don't have the cord or mount.


Haven't used them but here's one site which pays cash for used GPS

Buy back

It is interesting that the Amazon site says it will give me $156 for my Lowrance Endura Sierra. It is tempting ... I bought it used on eBay for $77 ($90 including shipping).

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Radio Shack Trade & Save Program

It looks like Radio Shack has a program, but I doubt they give you much.

AS far as donation goes, many areas take donations for victims of domestic abuse. It is possible that they might also take a GPS.

Ebay is pretty good. It's

Ebay is pretty good.

It's where I sold mine.

Here are a couple of places

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If you want "top dollar"

If you want "top dollar" Ebay is the place.


shadesofgrey wrote:

If you want "top dollar" Ebay is the place.

However you recycle your old device, be sure to deregister it on the Garmin site so that the new owner will be able to register it under their name.

SO many options... Now which

SO many options... Now which one to choose??


I've always sold my old GPS units on eBay but I was unaware of Amazon's trade in program. I guess it's check completed listings vs. trade-in value to see which is best.

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Good advice

CraigW wrote:
shadesofgrey wrote:

If you want "top dollar" Ebay is the place.

However you recycle your old device, be sure to deregister it on the Garmin site so that the new owner will be able to register it under their name.

if it ain't..

It ain't broke, so I won't fix it.

What about Batteries?

allbizz wrote:

It ain't broke, so I won't fix it.

I forgot to mention, if you have a fine vintage unit (like the 660) all it may need is a new battery. I've replaced batteries in a Nuvi 660 and 765 and both work like new (power-wise.) Go to the discussion below to see how easy (or challenging) it is for your model, and where to get DIY batteries and battery/install kits:



One last thought - If you do decide to donate or sell your old GPS, make sure to remove all your personal information such as:

- Your home location
- Your favorites list
- Your recently found list
- Your photos (if supported)
- Your music (if supported)

Another precaution I took when I donated an old nuvi 350 was after clearing all my information, I drove to a local mall, and set its parking lot as my home location.

for the more daring, you could try using the secret maintenance menu described here:

WARNING: this may also delete your Garmin ID


More on the maintenance menu

here is a better explanation of the maintenance menu and reset function:

I've used this before on Nuvi 250, 350 and 660. Note there are different "sweet spots" on the screen you have to use.