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Almost all of the new model cars and trucks have available options for navigation systems. I must admit some of the capabilities and integration points are tempting. I still have not seen any with the ability for the user to add POI and update maps for a reasonable cost. I may have missed something as the capabilities of the offered systems change quite often. My questions, 1} Does it hurt resale value much not to have the navigation systems 2) Does anyone offer a navigation system that allows the user to do map updates and upload POI's?

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I don't think #1 hurts as

I don't think #1 hurts as much, if at all, because so many people now use smartphones for navigation. In fact it may not hurt at all.

Most navigation units in the past are hard to use, and expensive to update, not to mention a lot more expensive to fix if it breaks.

The only reason I got a nav unit on a recent car purchase was to get the back-up camera. That has been a great feature, as I can back up easily into spots, feel safer about not backing over something, etc...

#2 is exceedingly rare. It's all about control and profit. The OEMs do not want you to easily update your unit and modify it. You might have better luck with after-market units...

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To have the nav unit to have the back-up camera.

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I would like a back up

I would like a back up camera when get a new truck.

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You do need both the Nav system and the back up camera if that's the way the manufacture bundles the option package. You don't NEED one or the other, but your stuck with both if that's the only way you can get one of them in the vehicle you want.

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Nav Value

The addition of a prepackaged navigation system, in my opinion, does not really affect the resale value. Most I have seen are packaged with the radio and other controls. They may relay on proprietary mapping software which normally has a subscription cost. The adding of personal POI is another issue. Most don't allow uploads. You can save one by one through the unit.

backup camera

My new Toyota Venza has a backup camera, which I really like, and I did not get the navigation unit. Way overpriced, and inferior to my Garmin. Plus, my Garmin can move to other vehicles, travel on a plane, be used in a rental car, etc, etc.

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UConnect 8.4AN in my new Jeep (ordered)

as installed in the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee as an option, DOES permit the addition of custom POI. The process is much like loading poi from a computer to a gps device: Garmin POI file>poi loader>USB stick>USB port in Jeep dash compartment> follow directions in screen.

P.S. in the Jeep the backup camera and the UConnect system are not linked options.


Toyota Prius

I have a 2010 Toyota Prius V and it has almost all the bells and whistles. Since I have a Garmin 1490 I do not upgrade the maps every year ( I just did the 2013 upgrade from the 2010 $168 + tax)for my Garmin has lifetime maps and I can add all the personal POI's I want.
My radio and GPS is voice controlled so all I have to do is push a button on the steering wheel and speak where I want to go or play the radio or CD player.
I am limited to the destinations by the addresses I have entered into the Address book one at a time.
I use the Garmin for my other poi's such as historical markers or mountain heights.
The rear view camera also is a parallel parking assist unit for assisting in parking. Not a big requirement for over 99% of my parking is in a parking lots.
My cruise control is one that when I approach a car between 60 to 100 feet in front of me the cruise control slows the car down and follows it at the distance I have set until I change lanes or the car in front has turned off and my car will resume original speed.
My other basic control is when I turn it on the car dash will notify me when I am leaving my lane by noise and visible flashing. This is for people dozing off or not paying attention to the road.
Cars today are coming up with so many features that my car has a 680 page manual and another 320 page book to operate the GPS/radio/rear view camera.

Compass Nav

One of the more interesting products I have run across in the Hyundai forums is the Compass Nav ( It is an aftermarket in-dash GPS that integrates with the stock radio (non nav) on newer model Hyundai and Kia cars. It uses the IGO navigation software with Navteq maps. It replaces the stock radio display panel with a 7 or 8 inch screen. It has an optional backup camera feature and I have read you can buy annual map updates ($70 for each update as I recall, no lifetime update subscription AFAIK). It does have USB input, but I don't know if it supports custom POI's.

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