speedometer accuracy.


Has anyone checked the accuracy of the speedometer against their GPS?
Barbara purchased a 2013 Scion XD. The speedometer matches the indicated speed of my 1450, EXACTLY at all speeds from 20 to 65 mph. The miles traveled show the odometer accurate also.
The 2010 Scion that she traded in had an error of about 2 mph at highway speeds. When new tires were purchased the error did not change.

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I'll trust the GPS over a vehicle speedometer

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if you really want to know

Go this link. This has been discussed indepth. It may take you hours to read all the posts.


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speed slower

I have noticed on my tomtom start that the speed shown on the gps is actually slower than the speed on my speedometer.

I did

When I first got my 765, I found that there was a discrepancy between my Venture van speedometer and the 765 speed. I then did some tests using mile markers and elapsed time to see if the van's speedometer was correct and found it to be off. It looked like the 765 was more accurate.

I suspect that most cars are not dead on for speed.

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