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I started this metro area

I started this metro area after Dipuharilal sent in a listing of a restaurant. Please let me know if you are in this area and would like to help us build up the files.

Miss Poi

Getting excited!

I am located in Indianapolis. Looking forward to have POIs set up here. I am new to this but the first few hours that I have spent on my new GPS has got me very motivated.

Indy Metro Area

I have lived and worked in Metro area for 25 years but I have just purchased my first GPS. I am by trade a "techno geek" so I will be learning this over the next few months (because I will be gone most of August) as time permits. Let me know what you would like to start with and I will be glad to help.


I'm game to do what I can!

I'm game to do what I can!

Indy Metro Restaurants

A great source for the best restaurants around Indianapolis is Indianapolis Monthly Magazine. It rates the restaurants (by stars) and gives the addresses and phone numbers as well. There must be 100 or more listed there on a regular basis. Here is the web address:

Hope this helps.