SD Card additional map name


I updated a few Nuvi's recently ( 200, 600, 700, and 800 series NUVI's) and I noticed in the change logs for the software update that there was a change to add an additional map to the SD card. What is the naming format? Is it still 8.3? The first map is gmapsupp what is the second maps name.. I've tried gmapsupp1, gmapsup1, gmapsup2.. I can't seem to find the name for the second map to put on the SD card.. Does this mean that you can now have 4 different map files on your Nuvi? Two on the Nuvi and two on the SD card? Any help would be great. As long as I don't exceed the FAT32 limits I could put some pretty large maps on the SD card now..


On the 7x0 series, I see gmapsup1 files on the SD card (my City Navigator NA NT files that are too big to install internally to the nuvi). Acceptable filenames and number of maps possible will vary from nuvi series to nuvi series so you may need to search specifically for your model's abilities (8x5 and 7x5?)

One final warning: When searching for this topic on the web, keep in mind that messages written before the nuvi firmware was updated to allow multiple maps will likely not be helpful to your quest.

Here's some more info:

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Thanks Craig.. I needed this information again..