Werner Enterprises Terminal Locations

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Last updated 03/17/2013

Raw file: Werner Terminals.csv (1.04 KB)

Includes 13 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IN, MI, NE, OH, PA, TX
  • Canada: ON

1 unusable record(s)

All Werner Enterprises truck terminals. This file marks the truck gate entry point for each terminal (which is usually on a different street than the actual terminal address).

The .csv file is formatted for Rand McNally TND/RVND products. You may need to edit it for use with other brands. The following fields are included: Lon,Lat,Name,Phone20,Street#,City,ST,Country,ZIP10

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Change History

  • charlesd45 - Jun 2, 2016
    48 BMP, WAV

  • IraToddJaffe - Mar 17, 2013
    Added missing Brownstown terminal phone number.

  • IraToddJaffe - Feb 10, 2013
    Added City and State fields. Reformatted title field.

  • IraToddJaffe - Jan 28, 2013
    Added terminal phone numbers.