I would like to introduce myself to the forum.

I purchased a Garmin nuvi 350 approximately a month ago after riding with a friend who has a 340. I do a lot of traveling to various cities throughout the US and the nuvi has already proved itself worth its weight in gold. I absolutely love it.

Only minor complaints so far:
1) When traveling home a week or so ago the nuvi 350 failed to find a restaurant I was looking for that was just 12 miles away and directly on my path (it must have been a new restaurant).
2) I have unsuccessfully attempted twice to install WebUpdater. Each time it appears to be nearly completed when it completely locks up my XP & 64 bit AMD Athlon system. Locks it up so bad I can't even get to the Task Manager. So, I had to do the 4.3 O/S upgrade without WebUpdater.

This site appears to be a great resource.

I have heard that it will

I have heard that it will not run on a 64 bit processor.
I believe that could be the reason it won't install.
Commonly Not installing is a good sign it won't work
with 64 bit.


People are highly

People are highly disapporivng of the WebUpdater...

find the actual download of for your nuvi, download it, and use the installer from the download

I agree with

I agree with Royal2000H......

The Webupdater can have issues at times.
I would just update manually.


Thanks for the input orbital

Thanks for the input orbital and Royal2000H. I won't bother with WebUpdater.

I guess I can just keep watching here for news of worthwhile updates, or should I keep checking w/Garmin?

Welcome to our insanity!

Welcome to our insanity! Lots of good people here and lots of good info too!


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INSANITY...hey, I resemble

INSANITY...hey, I resemble that remark...

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Webupdater is not good for

Webupdater is not good for updating firmware on the Nuvi, always use the manual approach. Webupdater is only good when updating vehicles, or adding more languages etc.A lot of people reported major problems when using Webupdater, even to the point of having to send the unit back to Garmin for repair. A good idea no matter what method you use is to back up the Nuvi on your computer just in case of file corruption.

May have been true with previous web updater

...but the one I have now worked just fine going to the latest firmware release for me. Regardless, the suggestion to save a copy of your unit's software on your computer is a good idea.

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I do not know the POI

I do not know the POI inclusion model at the manufacturers, but it is possible the restaurants have to pay a fee to be included (like yellow pages). So that could be another reason.

I am shocked (shocked!) to hear that Garmin software is unstable. smile I love the mapsets they buy and repackage,but hate the end-user software. You'd think they'd spend a bit of time/money improving the end-user experience.

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im close to one of the

im close to one of the owners of restaurant listed on garmin. he didnt know he was listed

I have always used the

I have always used the Webupdater, and never had a problem (knock on wood) but to void any possible problems, I guess I should do it manually. My question is: When I connect to the computer, the Webupdater automatically comes up. Should I just close it to download the manual update?

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