nuvi 350 mp3 player


I was just curious if y'all have found a good way to listen to your nuvi mp3 player through your stereo speakers in your vehicle. I have done this only by disconnecting the plug from my XM radio jack and plugging it in to the nuvi head phone jack. it works pretty well and sounds great, but it is a pain and the XM radio has to be on for it to work. I was just curious if someone had any better suggestions.



Get a Belkin TuneCast FM Transmitter

You could use something like a Belkin TuneCast FM Transmitter - just plug it into the 350's headphone port, and tune your car's FM radio to the same frequency the transmitter is using - and your car stereo becomes the 350's speakers via the headphone port. They cost about $30.

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nuvi 350 mp3 player

I've had some success using a cassette adapter that is placed in your car's tape player. It looks like a tape cassette but has a wire emerging from it with a mini phono plug. The plug goes into the earphone jack on the nuvi; the cassette adapter goes in your tape player. They cost about $10 or less. You can see a picture of a typical one here:

or here:

nuvi 350 mp3 player

I like to load up the SD card with podcast before I leave for a trip and then listen while I'll driving to my hotel or appointment.

I used to use a cassette adapter all the time but now very few rentals have a cassette player in them. The do work very good if you can use them. Since the podcast aren't much better in stereo than not I sometimes plug a cell headset in the Nuvi.

Nuvi 350

c550 uses mp3 well too - I

c550 uses mp3 well too -

I download Guttenberg project ebooks, NASA ADS research papers, blogs, news, and anything written, make an mp3 by running WordRead 2 (with a great voice) to play them - throught the stereo jack to a little MUVO mp3 player/ripper - then move the mp3 back to the SD card... will alot of work - it saves a 3 hr/day commute from being useless...

And BTW Radio Shack also sells an FM transmitter for the jack at $29 and the casstte for ~$9... bth work well...


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