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I got the ball rolling on

I got the ball rolling on the Charlotte NC Metro project by linking the older files and making a new top attractions file. Let me know if would like to help maintain this file.

Miss Poi

Thanks go out to Ncburnetts for volunteering to head this one up.

I'll be a minor contributor to the Charlotte attractions file...

... I'm half-way across the state, so it's not easy for me to get out there. But, I would like to visit the city some this year, and do plan on adding a couple of sites in the process.


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Ok I have you all signed up;)

Miss Poi

Lake Norman POI's

Miss P, I'll be updating that file in a couple of weeks, but would also suggest it be linked to Charlotte area attractions and whatnot. The lake starts at the far north end of Charlotte/Huntersville border, and extends north up to Hickory... just a suggestions...

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Thanks Robin, it is nice to

Thanks Robin, it is nice to have you back:)

Miss Poi

How about adding

How about adding Charlotte HighSchool Soccer Pitches to this list

file has been linked,

file has been linked, thanks;)

Miss Poi

Charlotte Disc Golf Courses

Hi All,

I'm new to the Charlotte area... I just uploaded a disc golf courses csv file that I made since I like playing disc and the streets here are 'interesting' for a newbie.


Has anyone done race shops

Has anyone done race shops in the Charlotte area. I would think that would be a 'must have'. I'd do it if I had time.

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24 Hour Pharmacies...

Hello Charlotte friends,

I could only find national brands (walgreens, riteaid, CVS) that offer 24/7 pharmacy service.

Let me know if there are edits that need to be made to this one.

Chip smile


I would be happy to help in any way I can . I live in the Monroe area and would be glad to learn how and what I can do to help

I have a suggestion

How about someone putting together a POI file of LYNX station locations - guess right now only the Blue Line is operational. But the file can be built on as time goes on. Maybe also add the main CATS terminal too? Thanks