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Recently I got into a discussion regarding the physical using of my GPS in New Jersey. Apparently there is a law contemplated/existing regarding the touching of my GPS while moving. I brought up the point that in Nova Scotia, there is a law prohibiting smoking in a vehicle with minors. Also many jurisdictions have laws regarding cell phone usage.

So, got me thinking that it might be a good idea to know about the wierd laws in a state or province so I can be warned when travelling. Not sure how to incorporate into POI file but there may be some merit in developing one.

I would be interested to know the views of the group and what laws are out there that can get me caught unawares when travelling.



In California the GPS must be mounted within "a 7-inch square area in the lower corner of the windshield farthest removed from the driver (the passenger side) or in a 5-inch square area in the lower corner of the windshield nearest to the driver (the lower left corner of the windshield)." That means the most common and useful front-and-center GPS windshield mount is still banned. Also, you cannot use a cellphone while driving in California. I'm from Arizona and got pulled over in CA. and got cited for using my cell phone on the freeway (didn't have the phone up to my ear, was using my bluetooth ear piece) and having a GPS mounted in the middle of my front window. Now I know why I moved from that state 12 years ago.

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It would take you 50 sets of

It would take you 50 sets of books, roughly 10-20 volumes each to examine all the traffic and non-traffic laws that pertain to operating a vehicle. Most of them dumbassed.

If you drive like you know you are supposed to in your own state and don't worry about other states laws, the odds are that you will never run afoul of another states regulations.

The most important law they are interested in will be posted at the state line. Like Virginia, there is a warning about radar detectors. In most other states it's a waring about move over or slow down for stopped emergency vehicles.

There is a 99% chance that you won't be stopped for any of the quirky laws unless you were doing something so incredibly stupid or noticeable that you drew the officer's attention.

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Too much work

You're right and in 40+ years of driving never been stopped for anything, so I'm doing something right. That being said, I'm reading a lot about a bunch of %^&* laws being passed out there - NJ - GPS no touch zone (pending), Mass - no licence plate covers, CA - funny rules for positioning GPS (mine in very low left side), NS - no smoking if minors in the car, also cell must be hands free (mine is). You mentioned radar detectors - illegal in all provinces of Canada (I think), etc. I thought I'd try and get a list of some of the quirkier ones that we can all get "hung on".


Isn't the Internet Great?

Here ya go:


Have fun trying to keep track of them all.

I notice these are only for the US. You know we welcome your visits, but maybe you're just safer staying in Canada.

I'll take "Things Only I Would Know" for five hundred, Alex.