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As I was traveling to spend time with family for Thanksgiving I updated a number of speed limits along the way. I expected them to be shared the next time I connected to TomTom Home. When I connected it let me know that there were several updates to download, but there is usually a check box down at the bottom indicating that I will upload and share my changes, it wasn't there this time.

I checked the setting in TomTom Home and on my device and everything seemed normal but I still don't get the check box when I sync. Also when I go into the Map Share Preferences in TomTom Home it says I have 0.1MB of changes to be shared, but I can't get them to upload.

Before I downloaded and installed the latest version of the North American map, I backed up my device. After the new map was installed I coppied the mapettings.cfg file from the backup folder onto my TomTom. I don't know if this may have affected something.

Any ideas?

Jim F.

Mapshare issues

I suspect that you are seeing the effects of problems that TomTom is currently having with the Mapshare programming. In other words, there are bugs in the Mapshare portion of the TomTom HOME and MyTomTom programs. (Some models use HOME to interface with the computer and some models use MyTomTom.)

TomTom has been working on this issue for some time, but they seem to have a problem resolving it. I've encountered the same problem and also the opposite behavior - where I downloaded a Mapshare file and MyTomTom told me that I still needed to download it. Fortunately, it's a relatively minor issue, but that doesn't make it any less irritating for the users.

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- Tom -

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Map Share Preferences

A new map and/or the mapsettings.cfg file should not be an issue. In your units Main Menu, Map corrections, Correction preferences, Sharing corrections, what option is set?