walk in hunting area map not working..


i down loaded a walk in hunting gps file from a kansas state website. http://www.kdwpt.state.ks.us/news/KDWPT-Info/Locations/Hunti...

after doing some research and trying to upload it on my nuvi 3590 i cant see any of the overlays or POI.. can someone please give me some helo.


did you read

Did you read the installation instructions? If you read them all the way through you would have seen the 3590 is not one of the supported units. As it's not supported, if it works it may not function as desired. Can some one with a 3590 take the time to test?

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Basemap or tracts

Did you install the basemap or tracts version?

Here's one thing to try. It may be that your nuvi's City Navigator North America is preventing the hunting map from being displayed. If so, go to your Map Info page and uncheck City Navigator, then see if your custom map is visible. (Also, when at the map info page, make sure that the Kansas map is checked.)

As boxcar says, the Garmin instructions for this map state Supported GPS Units: Garmin Nuvi and Zumo (all models) - most of them do not display symbol (point) icons *

Although not exactly the same issue, you may find something that helps from this thread:


In this MVUM thread, I contacted and spoke with the Forest Service employee directly working with developing the MVUM map and he was a great help--you may find someone at your Kansas office who can help getting the map to work on your nuvi, too.

Plz report back with your findings