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Massey's Pizza - Columbus, Oh area

I have a csv file of the Massey's Pizza locations in the greater Columbus area. How do i upload it to the Columbus Metro group? Thanks; Dave
also respond to so I don't miss any help suggestions..

I have linked it

I just found your file that you uploaded and am linking it now. I am also changing the name so that people can find it in the Alphabetical list

Miss POI


As a Columbus resident, I want to express my thanks for everyone's hard work on maintaining the Columbus area section.

Need to add Donatos

Great work guys! I am really impressed with all of the Columbus specific data you have put together.

We really need to get Donatos added to the Columbus list!

Thanks to everyone who have

Thanks to everyone who have submitted these POIs. I have a case of moderate dementia, and have found myself confused as to my surrondings, and the more detailed info on my Garmin 205W, the easier I can get around. This device has truly improved my quality of life.
Again, Thanks to all.