Garmin 50LM safety camera alerts, questions!


I got a new 50LM with camera alerts built-in. Is this a 30-day trial that will just quit working? Or will it continue to work but just not update the data unless I pay for it?

Aside from the price, what would be the advantages/disadvantages of the Garmin camera alerts versus the POI Factory Camera file?

In the past when I've used the POI Factory file in my Nuvi 250w, I got alerts at times when I wasn't going to be exposed to a red light camera, for instance:
*Cameras on the cross-street of the one I was travelling
*A camera on the street I'm travelling but only on the other side of the intersection
*Travelling on the freeway when there's a red light cam on the intersection below the freeway overpass
Are these false camera alerts still going to be an issue with the POI Factory file?

TIA for any and all info!

It will pop a message to

It will pop a message to remind your trial expired. I believe the actual camera alert files in your Garmin will need to be update via download to full version.


Thanks stevennguyen.

RLC file

On my 40,the RLC file mysteriously disappeared after about 3 months. No warning.

However, like a responsible owner, I had backups of the file (Cyclops-something), so I restored it.

NUVI40 Kingsport TN