Do we have POI of public BBQ place?



I'm new here. Just want to ask if we have POI about public BBQ place? Because our family wants to go BBQ on weekend but we don't know where is allowed ? I searched POI here but I didn't find it.

So if anyone knows please tell me .

Thanks .

first off

Welcome to the site.

Now, for your question. Can you clarify by what you mean when you say "Because our family wants to go BBQ on weekend but we don't know where is allowed?"

Do you mean you are looking for parks or campgrounds that allow you to bring in a grill or are you looking for places that serve BBQ?

If looking for places to cook, your unit will have a great many parks built in to its database. Rivopom has compiled a list of campgrounds but many of these require a fee and may not have day use areas.

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Public BBQ

BBQ could mean a lot of different things. There are several listing for BBQ places in the "Alphabetized List of POI Files" listed on the right side of these pages. Suggest checking that for the exact BBQ you are looking for. Hope you like good NC BBQ, for me its the only type, but lots of others who will disagree.

See you may be a Texan so you may not be thinking of pork BBQ as we have here.

Public BBQ

Try and look under "parks" near you. A lot of public parks not only let you BBQ, but often have grills on pipes for you to use. I know in NY & FL most of the parks have them. As long as you clean up after you are done they don't mind.
I hope this helps you.
PS: Welcome to the POI factory.

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thanks for your reply. What

thanks for your reply. What I mean is I will bring my own grill to cook.

I just download the campgrounds poi and gonna try to find one nearby.

Thanks for your link.